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Goodbye Settle

Goodbye Settle

source: The Darjeeling Limited (2008)

Memories of the 2017 crypto bull market were still fresh, the bear was still young, and we had the wildest dreams when we set out to build Settle in early 2018.

We had hoped that eventually the platform would foster a rich ecosystem of deeply interconnected DApps, an easy to use interface to DeFi for financial experts and amateur traders alike.

Maybe we aimed too high, maybe we were too early, or maybe the bear got the better of us. We’ll never truly know. Simply put, Settle wasn’t able to garner enough attention to make the full vision come to life.

That’s not to say the dream died; many good things have come out of Settle. DEX.AG, our DEX aggregator, originally started as a Settle hackathon project, and other successful Concourse Open Community products like DeFi Pulse or Concourse Data will continue to run on the infrastructure we built for Settle. Thank you to the community for your continued support.

With heavy hearts and fond memories, Settle’s time has come to an end. We will continue to run it for another 2 weeks under in case anybody wants to screenshot their portfolio for posterity. This blog will continue to exist for a while.

Thank you to everybody who supported us on our journey! We hope to see you soon on Discord or as a user and/or partner of one of our other products.