Settle Virtual Hackathon 2

Featured Protocol: MakerDAO

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Prizes –

  • 1st — $3,000 of ETH
  • 2nd — $1,500 of ETH
  • 3rd — $500 of ETH
  • Best App featuring MakerDAO1,500 DAI

When — Nov 26 – Dec 10, 2018

Where — Everywhere and nowhere. This is a virtual hackathon

What — A chance to help usher in the era of open finance made possible by public blockchains. Settle is providing the infrastructure to support a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized finance apps, and it’s up to the community to decide how that will look. Check Settle’s developers page for examples of what’s possible with Settle. More info about Settle below

Who — Everybody’s welcome! Minimum of 1 person + maximum of 4 people per team. All by yourself? Come to our Discord and find some teammates (check the #settle-team-forming channel or just chime in anywhere you see ongoing chats)

How — Just submit your email address above and start buidling on November 26!

Why — Lots of reasons —

  • Because we’re all in this together. Settle believes that the fastest way to turn that vision into reality to keep buidling as a community
  • Because buidling useful things is a great way to have fun, meet people, and learn
  • Because apps on Settle continue to benefit — 50% of Settle’s subscription revenue is allocated to apps and Chat Hub Owners, and the more attention your app gets on Settle, the greater proportion of that allocation you’re entitled to


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