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Uniswap Developer Interview: Conlan Rios

Uniswap Developer Interview: Conlan Rios

Previously, we interviewed Uniswap founder Hayden Adams. Just as Hayden was inspired by Vitalik, Uniswap inspired Conlan Rios. Shortly after discovering Uniswap, Conlan began working on, and the rest is history. The Uniswap developer now works with Hayden to improve this sister site to the Uniswap exchange. Conlan’s also involved with the Concourse Open Community and was instrumental in building DeFi Pulse. We recently sat down with the Uniswap developer, who shed some light on his involvement with Uniswap.

Uniswap Developer

Who is Conlan Rios?

Conlan Rios is the creator of, a dashboard tool that helps users access metrics from the Uniswap contracts. The site lets users view their share of Uniswap liquidity pools and the trading volume for each pool. Conlan is very active in the Ethereum community, and the Uniswap developer had many interesting things to say about its future.

How’d you get into crypto?

“I’ve been playing with Bitcoin on and off since 2012 but got serious into crypto at the beginning of 2017 when I first discovered Ethereum. Haven’t looked back ever since!”

How’d you get started with Uniswap?

“After providing some liquidity for a few pools I really wanted a way to track fees over time, so I put together a basic version of and joined the Uniswap slack channel. After talking with Hayden and some of the folks in there it seemed like a lot of others were interested in the same tool so now we’re working on a new and improved version.”

What’s next for

“You can currently get a peek at the newer version at, but the two biggest additions will be a way to track provided liquidity and fees for any given address as well as new exchanges added to the platform in real-time.”

How do you envision Uniswap integrating further with other projects/protocols?

“Uniswap is really easy to integrate at the contract level so hopefully we’ll see projects start baking it in. It’s been really awesome seeing Kyber use it as a reserve and even recently Nuo for their margin trading.

One of the best parts of Uniswap is that the more people use it, the more efficient it gets (deeper pools, less slippage) and so we should only see increased usage over time. I’ve personally made it a resolution to exclusively use Uniswap for all trading :D”

Any predictions about the future of DeFi?

“It will eat up traditional financial institutions. Remittances, loans, savings, and invoicing are vastly improved when executed via DeFi. Two of the biggest challenges, UX and fiat onboarding, are actively being worked on and it’s just a matter of time before more folks see the light.

I’m especially excited to see AI come into play, since for the first time it will be possible for an agent to autonomously conduct business, invest, and interact via these open protocols.”

What is the community lacking that you’d like to see get built?

“Uniswap-wise, borrowing against liquidity pool tokens would be really useful! Another cool idea would be a hybrid uniswap pool, where part of the unused liquidity could be loaned out for additional fees. Or perhaps a charity pool, where a small % fee from each trade goes to a good cause.

DeFi-wise, I just want companies to start paying employees with DAI :D”

That’s it for our interview with Uniswap developer Conlan Rios!

We really appreciate Conlan taking the time to chat! And we’ll be keeping an eye out for more from him in the near future!

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