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Settle Virtual Hackathon 2 Winners!

Settle Virtual Hackathon 2 Winners!

We’re excited to announce the Settle Virtual Hackathon 2 winners! Hopefully everybody involved had a great time during Settle’s second virtual hackathon – we certainly did. And we’ve been loving the awesome new Settle apps that came out of it!

Thank you to our judges!

First, a huge thanks to our judges! They gave their time to evaluate the submitted apps while the rest of us were stuck in sleepy holiday mode ⛄🛌

Thank you to all entrants!

Wyre co-founder Michael Dunworth says it better than we could:

Great to see some solid projects! Liquidity is the heart of financial infrastructure. Clean and user-friendly tools for aggregation provide the best building blocks whether it’s a first time user, or seasoned trader. 

Props to all entrants 🏗️🚀🚢

Congrats to the Settle Virtual Hackathon 2 winners!

Bonus Prize from MakerDAO – 1,500 Dai

Liquid Alert MakerDAO CDP alarm app on SettleLiquid Alert by wasa gaming. Track CDPs by number and get alerts when they near liquidation.

3rd Place – $500 of ETH

CryptoWhisper crypto sentiment app on SettleCryptoWhisper by Ethimator. Explore real-time and historical social sentiment of your favorite cryptoassets.

CryptoWhisper parses Twitter and Reddit to detect surges in social media interest. We all know that shady projects hire shills to promote their coin on Reddit, but with CryptoWhisper you can quantify that.

2nd Place – $1,500 of ETH

Swap Tool Uniswap exchange app on SettleSwap Tool by Conlan. Use Uniswap to trade ETH for ERC20 tokens. Super easy, super simple.

1st Place – $3,000 of ETH

Dex.Ag decentralized exchange price comparison app on SettleDEX.Ag by Macaron. Start trading at the best price! Compare prices on different decentralized exchanges.

At its core, DEX.Ag is a trade finder — a tool that scans through all DEXs to get you the best deal. You can also view an aggregated orderbook of all DEXs.

Finally, we extend our sincere gratitude for all the support from the whole Ethereum community (especially the MakerDAO team)! We couldn’t’ve even done this if it wasn’t for YOU!!