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Feel the beat… of the market: Introducing DeFi Pulse

Feel the beat… of the market: Introducing DeFi Pulse

A Brand New Concourse Open Construction

Concourse ships – that’s basically the only thing we do right. No, really, we’re a burgeoning open community with fresh ideas and a soft spot for decentralized finance, and all we want to do is build tools that reduce the barriers of entry to this world. And so we give you DeFi Pulse!  

DeFi Pulse is now live

You say DeFi, I say…

Decentralized Finance, Open Finance, or simply Finance (since we all know it’s going to take over eventually) needs to learn from the mistakes of the antiquated models and build fairer systems that make it easy for users to find the right tools and education for ultimately taking full control of their assets.

DeFi Pulse gives you the metrics that matter

Everything Concourse builds is based on those premises. Today we’re introducing a very basic iteration of what we believe is the quintessential radar for this new financial dawn. After the reception dApp Radar has had in the space, the ecosystem’s thirst for knowledge became clearer: there’s a need for better data and information sources and especially more accurate metrics. So… why not do something similar for finance? Enter DeFi Pulse.

DeFi Pulse allows you to keep up with metrics from all major DeFi protocols and projects: from Uniswap to Compound, Augur, Dharma and The Killer – MakerDAO. With DeFi Pulse’s clean, simple tracker, you can quickly compare these projects’ growth, influence, and more, over a 24-hour period.

Learn more and stay in touch

But enough – we won’t spoon-feed you this; we know it’s better to show than tell. We’ve just launched, and now it’s your turn to check out DeFi Pulse.

🍇 If you’re curious, please dig into the API docs

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