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Ethereum Twitter: Hidden Gems Worth Following

Ethereum Twitter: Hidden Gems Worth Following

Find hidden gems on Ethereum TwitterEthereum Twitter

Twitter can be harsh and uninviting. But if you look in the right places, it can be great way to get to know people and learn from them. Ethereum Twitter is one of those places – it’s full of insightful, funny people. Many personalities on Ethereum Twitter need no introduction. But you can find some hidden gems if you dig a little deeper.

Here are some lesser-known accounts on Ethereum Twitter that you should definitely consider following—

María Paula

María works on Golem and ETHBerlin. Her feed focuses on everything that’s happening in the ecosystem, human issues, and a mini daschund.

Sample tweet:

Dean Eigenmann

Dean works on Harbour and ZK Labs. His feed focuses on diverse Ethereum topics such as development, governance, and memes.

Sample tweet:


Twigwam is a tireless researcher and aggregator of high-quality news and info about Ethereum and the broader crypto ecosystem.

Sample tweet:

Ashleigh Schap

Ashleigh works on MakerDAO. Her feed focuses on stablecoin analysis, the growth and adoption of crypto, and global inequality (she’s against it).

Sample tweet:

Max Bronstein

Max works on Dharma Protocol. His feed focuses on topics like decentralized finance, governance, and economics.

Sample tweet:

Built on Ethereum

Built on Ethereum is a stickler for thoroughness. Built’s feed focuses on letting the world know how many things are being built on Ethereum every day.

Sample tweet:

Austin Griffith

Austin works on Gitcoin. His feed focuses on development, development, and the many projects he is developing.

Sample tweet:

Rui V. Maia

Rui is a community organizer with an emphasis on Ethereum. His feed focuses on market analysis, trading philosophies, and ecosystem growth.

Sample tweet:


DCinvestor is an Ethereum advocate and r/ethtrader regular. His feed focuses on community ethos, perspectives on Ethereum’s present and future, and NFT gaming.

Sample tweet:


ETHGasStation is the community’s go-to resource for real-time gas price + confirmation time estimates (and other network metrics). Its feed focuses on the growth and evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem and the many reasons people for enthusiasm about Ethereum’s present and future.

Sample tweet:


Okay, we cheated here: Settle is an operating system for decentralized finance on Ethereum. It’s full of community-built apps that give traders access to the growing number of new financial tools and protocols that work right now. Settle’s feed focuses on decentralized finance and t-rex emojis.

Sample tweet:

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