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Ethereum Price Prediction: 5 Interesting Forecasts

Ethereum Price Prediction: 5 Interesting Forecasts

Let’s talk about Ethereum price prediction

So what does the future hold for the price of Ethereum? The short answer is that nobody can predict the future, but many are trying to make a good Ethereum price prediction. We would never dream of giving out investment advice on ETH or any other topic, and this post is no exception. But just for kicks, let’s take a look at a few interesting Ethereum price predictions:

Ethereum price prediction

Ethtrader poll

A recent poll on the subreddit Ethtrader asked users to predict the price of ETH on January 1, 2020. The winning answer (weighted by full donut balances) was a price of over $3,000. Not accounting for donuts, the poll concluded with a winning response of $501 – $1000.

Arthur Hayes

Not typically known as an Ethereum bull, Arthur Hayes of BitMEX told Cointelegraph in December 2018 that he expects ETH to “rebound aggressively” and test $200 within 18 months, which is when he predicts the ICO market to return.

Chris Burniske

Well-known analyst Chris Burniske didn’t give a specific price prediction for ETH, but he did contribute some interesting data to the conversation. In a December 9 blog post, Chris suggested that ETH’s 93% drop in price may be way out of proportion with what he roughly calculated to be only a 13% drawdown in Ethereum’s network value. We have no idea how or if that correlates to price, but if it did, it would suggest that ETH may be undervalued.


As we’ve discussed, Augur‘s popularity is on the rise. An Augur market with over 112 ETH in open interest (i.e., at stake) currently predicts a 16% probability that ETH’s market cap will exceed that of Bitcoin on December 31, 2019. Who knows how that outcome would affect price, but flippening-enthusiasts might want to keep tabs on that prediction market.

Lots of commenters

No discussion of Ethereum price predictions would be complete without a mention of the near-ubiquitous comment that 1 ETH = 1 ETH and always will. Flippant or not, that’s one prediction we have pretty high confidence in.

Make your own Ethereum price prediction

If you’re thinking about buying Ethereum, make sure you do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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