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Start a Chat Hub on Settle

Start a Chat Hub on Settle

If you’re looking for a new place to start a chat community, you should check out Chat Hubs on Settle.

Chat Hub on Settle

Settle not only has a growing catalog of community-built DeFi apps, it also offers many different ways to interact with other community members through chat.

Chat with anyone

Any Settle user can create a Chat Hub and customize it to his or her needs. You can make your Chat Hub discoverable and open to the public, or you can keep it private and invite-only. Settle also offers Direct Chats if you need some one-on-one time with another user.

Chat about anything

You can create Settle Chat Hubs with themes like Ethereum Chat, Bitcoin Chat, or Altcoin Chat. But you’re not limited to crypto conversations – as a Chat Hub owner, you make the rules! Talk about giraffes if that’s your thing.

Customize your chat with plugins

What’s even more exciting is that you can add Web3-enabled plugins to any Chat on Settle. Every chat (Direct or Chat Hub) includes by default the ability to offer and accept Ethereum OTC trades directly in-chat. And if you’re a developer (or know one), you can build your own Chat plugin! You could make a simple and fun game like TRADE or DAI or a more complex chat widget built on top of another DeFi protocol like Compound Finance. The only limit is your imagination!

Chat plugins are available in Settle’s App Store.

Start chatting now!

Create a new Chat Hub or jump into an existing one today! Just head to Settle and look under Hubs in the left panel.