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Modular portfolio management supporting Digital Asset and Crypto Derivatives.
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Blockfolio Alternative: Can you do better? (Spoiler: Yes.)

Blockfolio Alternative: Can you do better? (Spoiler: Yes.)

Looking for a Blockfolio alternative?

We have no reason to doubt Blockfolio’s claim that it’s the world’s most popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker – it has been around for several years and generally works the way it’s supposed to work. But times change, and industry leaders don’t automatically keep their positions just because they got there first. A Blockfolio alternative might be a better way to track your crypto holdings.

Blockfolio alternative - Settle Portfolio
Settle Portfolio

You can do better with Settle Portfolio

Settle Portfolio is a free, full-feature professional portfolio management tool. Here are some advantages of using Settle Portfolio:

Connect your accounts

Settle Portfolio connects with exchanges and cryptoasset addresses via API. That means all of your existing trades, buys, and sells will import into Settle Portfolio. What’s more, any future activity on your accounts will automatically appear in Portfolio. No more need to spend time recording every individual trade.

See how your derivatives fit in

You can also connect your BitMEX positions to Settle Portfolio. Settle’s built-in BitMEX calculator does the work of netting your BitMEX positions against your assets for you. Now you can quickly and easily see your overall finance situation in one place. No more fumbling around with formulas and spreadsheets or risking human error in your calculations.

View your risk profile

RiskChecker, one of Settle’s core apps, works seamlessly with Settle Portfolio to automatically assess your portfolio’s risk profile and display key metrics like Value at Risk and Standard Deviation. That’s even more math that Settle saves you from spending your time on.

Lots, lots more

When we say “operating system for decentralized finance,” we mean it – Settle Portfolio is just one of a growing list of free apps designed to meet your DeFi needs, all in one place. On the same screen as your Portfolio, you can engage in community chat (and do some Ethereum OTC trading with 0x-powered rich messages), check the current Ethereum gas price, create and manage a CDP, compare prices on decentralized exchanges, and more.