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BitMEX Rekts: Rekto is your front-row seat

BitMEX Rekts: Rekto is your front-row seat

More info means more edge

New traders and investors learn quickly that markets don’t always go up and to the right. BitMEX rekts, short squeezes and long liquidations can have a big impact on prices and sentiment, and the best traders pay attention to those events. Whether you’re trading every market movement or waiting on the sidelines for the bull market’s return, you know that more market info means more edge.

Rekto BitMEX rekts

Rekto levels the playing field

Every trader needs access to the same information as market whales in order to compete. Twitter bots that announce BitMEX-liquidations only give you part of what you need, and you can’t easily customize their info. 

And so we’re excited to introduce Rekto, a simple app with a simple purpose: Give all traders access to a free, professional-grade BitMEX liquidations monitor. 

Now every trader can view a real-time tape of all BitMEX liquidations. Plus, on Settle, you can tweak Rekto’s feed of BitMEX rekts to meet your needs. Filter out small liquidations or look back at historical liquidations by symbol. No matter how you use Rekto, it’s completely free – no ads, no sign-ups, no log-ins, no premium upgrades. 

Try Rekto today to see BitMEX rekts

Whether you’re a hardcore trader looking to assess overall market stress or just another bear-market victim wanting to engage in a little schadenfreude, Rekto brings you an unprecedented perspective on market liquidations and joy.

Check out Rekto’s Twitter for daily rekt reports and updates on sharp market movements. Watch all rekts as they happen at Or add the Rekto app to your free Settle account and make your own customized tape. 

We’ve just shipped Rekto’s alpha version, and we’re committed to make it useful for all traders. Let us know what we can improve to give you the info you need!

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