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BitMEX Calculator: free inside Settle Portfolio

BitMEX Calculator: free inside Settle Portfolio

Did you know you can connect your BitMEX positions to Settle Portfolio? Settle Portfolio has a BitMEX calculator built right into the core of its positions calculations.

All Settle users have access to this free app, because everyone should have the opportunity to use professional tools like Settle Portfolio.

Why is it useful?

BitMEX positions affect your exposure to the crypto market, but by how much? We did the math and created a free portfolio app with a BitMEX calculator built in. Settle Portfolio calculates BitMEX positions and nets them against your asset holdings automatically!

Setting up Settle Portfolio is fast and easy (<2 minutes)

First, get a Settle account:
  • It’s free and easy to register on Settle. If you’re new, sign up here.
Second, open Portfolio:
  • Portfolio should be installed by default. If not, install it here.
  • Open Portfolio in the Work Area by clicking in the Navigation Area.
BitMEX calculator setup
Settle Portfolio in Work Area
Third, connect your BitMEX account:
  • If you’ve never added any positions to Portfolio, click Import Address.
  • If you’ve already added stuff to Portfolio, click on Import.
  • Choose BitMex from the Exchange dropdown (manage your BitMEX API Keys here).
  • Enter your BitMEX API Key and API Secret in the appropriate boxes and click Create Task.
  • Now your BitMEX account is connected to Settle Portfolio!
Finally, check out your net exposure from the BitMEX calculator:
  • When you click the Derivatives tab in Portfolio, you’ll see the BitMEX calculator in action:

BitMEX calculator in derivative view

  • Clicking on the Trades tab gives you a view of your net exposure:

BitMEX calculator in net view

That’s it!

Now you can see how your derivatives fit in with the rest of your holdings! Settle’s embedded BitMEX calculator currently supports all BitMEX products, including BTCUSD, ETHUSD quantos and ETHBTC futures. Settle wants you to know more so you can trade better.

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