About us

Settle is a Concourse Construction.


The team building Settle has experience building market interfaces, trading derivatives, participating in public and private token fundraising events and contributing to the ethereum community. Settle is our expression of how we think financial markets should work.

  • Scott Lewis. Project Lead. Formerly Susquehanna International Group and Zoo Trading LLC. Cofounder of Concourse Open Community.
  • Roni Davelman. Technical Co-lead. Cofounder of Concourse Open Community.
  • Joseph Dunn. Technical Co-Lead. Formerly ConsenSys and Consensus Point. Concourse.
  • Christoph Lüscher. Design Lead. Formerly Partner at iA. First monk of crypto.
  • Matt Filippone. Back End. Formerly Integral Derivatives. Concourse.
  • Mateusz Grzelak. Infrastructure. Formerly Barclays. Concourse.
  • Matthew Pilkey. Front End. Concourse.

Note from the team.

150 years ago humans were covering the earth with economic infrastructure that we still rely on today. A few naysayers called these builders crazy, but for everyone else, the excitement was so intense that a financial bubble formed in the stock market for railroads and other infrastructure builders.

We think a new revolution started when Satoshi Nakamoto built the first proof of concept for the Internet of Value. The Crypto Bubble of 2017 has popped, and now we must continue the hard work that will decentralize our world. We think the decentralized metaproject matters. We’d appreciate you if you chose to join our effort to build the future of finance. If you have more specific questions, please hop on our discord. Most of us are present in the chat most of time. You can tag me if you want, I’m @scott_l.