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Operating system for decentralized finance.

What is Settle?

Settle is a web-native operating system for decentralized finance.

Settle is designed from a blank slate to let traders use the capabilities of the new financial paradigm. Chat with Web3 integrations for DeFi protocols. Forever free portfolio tracking. App Store open to third party developers. 50/50 subscription share with Chat Hub Owners and app developers that add value for Settle users. Try it out to see what we mean:

Launch Settle

Settle Dashboard.

Settle comes loaded with a full set of tools so you can execute better.

  • Portfolio. Complimentary portfolio tracking integrated into Settle apps.
  • Chat. Make a bid, take an offer, or fund a loan without leaving your chat stream.
  • App Store. Discover everything on Settle – exchanges, unique data, visualization tools, and more.
  • Passport. KYC tool so you can fund deals and stay compliant with zero hassle. [COMING SOON]
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Settle is a thin platform with a thick ecosystem. Settle is made for developers.

Settle is a developer-first, lightweight platform that supports an ever-evolving ecosystem of apps. We provide the building blocks and step aside to let developers shine.   

  • Revenue-sharing inspired by Spotify – the more attention your app or Chat Hub commands, the more you earn.
  • Onboarding made simple, with 1-click “installs” and easy KYC [COMING SOON].
  • Organic discovery resistant to gamification, with a social referral system and free-to-list app store.
  • Deployment pipeline designed for rapid microservice delivery.
  • Periodic rankings recognizing the best developers on Settle.
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Chat Hub Owners.

So much about trading is social. But where’s the innovation? Sure, your trading group has value, but legacy applications have limitations. Chat Hubs on Settle are self-contained, customizable financial hubs. With a Chat Hub on Settle, you’ll always look forward to your CFO’s latest quarterly projections.

  • Design custom chat widgets that meet your needs or create an entirely new market structure.
  • Share cool Settle apps with your members and earn referral fees.
  • Execute token lending deals with your members.
  • Trade OTC with immediate access to real-time quote boards.

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